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Salt Tolerant Seashore Paspalum for Salt Water Irrigated Golf Courses
Potential Insect and Disease Problems

Insect and disease incidence are usually less of a problem for paspalum than other turfgrasses. But, they are susceptible and don't let anyone tell you differently!

#1 Insect: Sod Web Worms. You will get them. These Lepidoptera are pretty easy to control with labeled insecticides, but in warm climates the cycles are so often that they can drive you nuts. Just when you think you have them under control another batch of eggs hatch and they begin eating your paspalum again.

#2 Insect: Hunting Bill Bugs. There is a good chance you will see these little critters-or not see them! The adults are easy to see and can be controlled with labeled insecticides. The larva though is almost impossible to see as they live and feed inside the sheaths of the plant. Only a systemic insecticide will get to them.

Paspalum is also susceptible to damage from mole crickets, nematodes and a few other common pests. But with knowledge and a good preventative maintenance program everything is controllable.

#1 Disease: Probably Dollar Spot (if you are managing the paspalum correctly with low inputs of nitrogen) This is easily cured with a light application of nitrogen.

Brown Patch and even Pythium have been reported effecting paspalum. Again, all of these can be managed with good cultural practices and some experience.




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