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Phase I

  1. Site assessment and possible variables of feasibility plan
  2. Site soil study including parent material, underlying structure and physical and chemical
    analysis and variables of material over the entire site.
  3. ASTM soundness, or hardness tests are always recommended to determine the longevity of soils in their present form along with "loss on ignition" for true organic matter content.
  4. Many other soil tests as the need is determined
  5. Water resources available including quantities and qualities
  6. Water use needed considering overall environment, and weather data such as rainfall and ET rates and area of site to be maintained turf.
  7. Assist in estimated costs to develop and maintain the golf course

Phase II

  1. Soil specifications for all turfed areas.
  2. Specifications of pump station and all related irrigation water sources and containments
  3. Surface water catchment and subsurface drainage design
  4. Assist in the procurement of irrigation system supplier and installation contractor
  5. Oversight and approval of irrigation design and installation
  6. Act as a liaison for international clients in obtaining materials from the U.S. if needed.
  7. Assist in the procurement of construction materials and equipment along with maintenance materials and equipment
  8. Assist in the procurement of sprig & sod material for planting
  9. Specifications and supplies of grow-in fertilizer and needed chemicals.
  10. Specifications for acid, and / or fertilizer injection equipment

Phase III

  1. Continue to act as a liaison for international clients in obtaining materials from the U.S.
  2. Regular site visits for soil samples and monitoring of sometimes ever changing fertility needs and overall turfgrass environment conditions and health
  3. We are best at preventing any problems, and second best at seeing any problems developing and take a proactive approach to such.
  4. Testing and monitoring water quantities and qualities
  5. Any level of assistance for any amount of time to ensure a completed and long-successful golf course or sports turf project



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